Very privileged to interview Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for National Development, on Singapore public housing - an issue that affects many Singaporeans, and is at the heart of the state-citizenry social compact. This episode (in Chinese) was broadcast today (31 Oct 2023) on Mediacorp.

Catching up with Colleen Ward, my mentor, good friend and supervisor!

My IAIR family for the past 15 years - Nan, Lily, Joep, and Nicolas

Congrats to Dr Wybren Nooitgedagt, winner for the Rae and Dan Landis Outstanding Dissertation Award. This is my second term as chair for the award evaluation committee 

Lunch with Travis Lim, my former intern, and now PhD student at McGill University - and partner in crime for EIP research!     

Presenting my work on Geography and Acculturation at the IAIR conference - the research has come full circle, look out for the article in the coming IJIR Special Issue

I delivered an invited guest lecture on "Distilling Immigration Through Identity Politics and National Narratives" at the Inaugural Public Lecture for the Population Association of Singapore, 14 Dec, 2022

Sharing "The Geography of Inequality" at LKYSPP National University of Singapore, Festival of Ideas, 11 Oct, 2022

The 12th Biennial Conference of the International Academy for Intercultural Research, 24-28 July 2022, Rapperswil, Switzerland

The city of Zurich, Switzerland. My good friend, mentor, and PhD supervisor, Colleen Ward  

Giving a talk for the Reimagining Leadership in New Normal workshop, NUS Alumni Leaders Forum, April 9, 2022 

April 16, 2021, Board meeting, International Academy for Intercultural Research

2016, Pacific Ocean, Enoshima, Japan